Thursday, March 25, 2010

My stay with Caitlin.

My stay at Caitlin’s house

As soon as me and Caitlin got to her house I was so excited. Caitlin asked if I was ok. I was ok , in fact I was great. Caitlin went into her room and got me a cute handbag and a cool pink and black hair band. Caitlin’s sister Kelsey was watching cbeebies and I thought I should watch it too.

While I was watching the telly, Caitlin went to tidy her room. When Caitlin had finished we went to her mum’s friend’s house to have a cup of coffee.

When we came back from her mum’s friend’s house Caitlin made me a comfy bed. Caitlin found me some p.j.s and a lovely dress she also got me a ribbon and tied it in a bow. Caitlin’s Gran and Granddad came over for dinner. After dinner Caitlin’s Gran and Grandad said that I could call them my Gran and Grandad. We all said goodbye and me and Caitlin and her mum went to her mum’s friends for another cup of coffee.

I made lots of friends and had a great time with Caitlin and her family. Thanks Caitlin.

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