Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello again

Hello again P7a,
Well, I've been in your class for 4 days now and I've seen the work you do and I've been really pleased. I think I've come to a class who can help me out!

You've got some really good ICT skills and you're lucky enough to have quite a few laptops to work on.

You can all work together in groups well and you have good ideas for projects. (I wasn't too keen on your stories though, I was a bit scared!)

I like Connor's ideas and Niamh's ideas on the wallwisher page, and the anonymous entry. It would be nice to go home with some of you guys for the night and the weekend and meet your families.

Niamh - we can post pictures of me on this blog page I've created and then the world can see them!

Keep thinking of your ideas please 7A. I'm very impressed so far, well done!

Love Buddy Bear.


  1. Hi Buddy,
    You've got some great ICT skills yourself!
    Have a good weekend, we'll help you become famous!
    Mr D

  2. alot of folk visited the blog