Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hi P7a,
I had a look at your ideas webs last night for what we could learn whilst helping me become famous.
You've got some great ideas - well done all of you.
Ellen, I like your co-ordinates idea and the idea about a timeline, they're great.
Jacob, the song on Myna sounds cool - I'll look up that webby.
Niamh, I think your diary idea is really good, we could have a paper diary and a web diary.
Kelly, Trying to find out about where I came from is a good idea. We could use atlases to help us.
Thomas, I like the sound of an art session where you guys draw me. We could post the pictures on this site!
Dillon, your poem ideas sound really good. You're all good at poems.
Sam - dressing me up as a famous Scot is a grand idea, well done.
Connor, drawing me with shapes is a good idea, hope I'm not a square!
Dale, you could use kid pix to draw me, that sounds like fun as does your Buddy hunt. I'm not sure what you mean about stuffed bears though?
Caitlin, I like your mind map very colourful. I like the idea of a song - that might make me famous.
P7A - well done guys!

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