Friday, January 29, 2010

Me and Dale

I had a good time at Dale's. We did loads of things. The food was good when his dad cooked it but when his mum cooked it was bad. He doesn't do much. He always sits there playing games all day. I watched him play his favourite game and it looked pretty hard to play. I had a go on it and I lost pretty badly. Then we played another game. I wasn't much better at that one. I hope the next place I go has some good games.

His music was ok, not the best i've heard. His room was really messy. I nearly got lost in there. There's bags everywhere with toys for his cousins. His friend came over while was there. He wasn't much better. The two of them just sat there playing games. I couldn't play because there wasn't enough controllers. I had to clean myself because Dale was always getting up too late but his mum helped me.

Overall I would not recommend staying there since the food was only good when his dad was there and his room was really messy but it was a good stay.

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