Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rules for taking me home.

When it is your turn to take me home please:
1. Be careful with me. Keep me away from other animals, don't lend me out to anyone else, don't get me dirty, if we go on a visit don't lose me, keep me dry, keep me away from your siblings!, I like to be warm, but don't put me too close to the fire, find me somewhere to sleep please, I hate washing machines... one of my friends had a nasty experience with one! be careful with me when food is around,
2. Get me to meet your Teddies. Take photos of me with them.
3. Make sure I'm back in school when I should be please.
4. Make me feel at home in your house.
5. Remember to write in my diary please, and then we'll put it on my website.
6. Take photos of me when I'm with you - you can e-mail digital photos to school and they can go on the website. REMEMBER IT MUST JUST BE A PICTURE OF ME ON THE WEBSITE - I don't want you getting famous!

I will put a calendar up in the class. If you are going somewhere exciting and interesting put the details down on the calendar.

To decide who will take me home for the rest of the time, I think we should follow the register list, beginning with Dale.

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