Friday, January 29, 2010

Me and Dale

I had a good time at Dale's. We did loads of things. The food was good when his dad cooked it but when his mum cooked it was bad. He doesn't do much. He always sits there playing games all day. I watched him play his favourite game and it looked pretty hard to play. I had a go on it and I lost pretty badly. Then we played another game. I wasn't much better at that one. I hope the next place I go has some good games.

His music was ok, not the best i've heard. His room was really messy. I nearly got lost in there. There's bags everywhere with toys for his cousins. His friend came over while was there. He wasn't much better. The two of them just sat there playing games. I couldn't play because there wasn't enough controllers. I had to clean myself because Dale was always getting up too late but his mum helped me.

Overall I would not recommend staying there since the food was only good when his dad was there and his room was really messy but it was a good stay.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rules for taking me home.

When it is your turn to take me home please:
1. Be careful with me. Keep me away from other animals, don't lend me out to anyone else, don't get me dirty, if we go on a visit don't lose me, keep me dry, keep me away from your siblings!, I like to be warm, but don't put me too close to the fire, find me somewhere to sleep please, I hate washing machines... one of my friends had a nasty experience with one! be careful with me when food is around,
2. Get me to meet your Teddies. Take photos of me with them.
3. Make sure I'm back in school when I should be please.
4. Make me feel at home in your house.
5. Remember to write in my diary please, and then we'll put it on my website.
6. Take photos of me when I'm with you - you can e-mail digital photos to school and they can go on the website. REMEMBER IT MUST JUST BE A PICTURE OF ME ON THE WEBSITE - I don't want you getting famous!

I will put a calendar up in the class. If you are going somewhere exciting and interesting put the details down on the calendar.

To decide who will take me home for the rest of the time, I think we should follow the register list, beginning with Dale.


Hi P7a,
I had a look at your ideas webs last night for what we could learn whilst helping me become famous.
You've got some great ideas - well done all of you.
Ellen, I like your co-ordinates idea and the idea about a timeline, they're great.
Jacob, the song on Myna sounds cool - I'll look up that webby.
Niamh, I think your diary idea is really good, we could have a paper diary and a web diary.
Kelly, Trying to find out about where I came from is a good idea. We could use atlases to help us.
Thomas, I like the sound of an art session where you guys draw me. We could post the pictures on this site!
Dillon, your poem ideas sound really good. You're all good at poems.
Sam - dressing me up as a famous Scot is a grand idea, well done.
Connor, drawing me with shapes is a good idea, hope I'm not a square!
Dale, you could use kid pix to draw me, that sounds like fun as does your Buddy hunt. I'm not sure what you mean about stuffed bears though?
Caitlin, I like your mind map very colourful. I like the idea of a song - that might make me famous.
P7A - well done guys!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello again

Hello again P7a,
Well, I've been in your class for 4 days now and I've seen the work you do and I've been really pleased. I think I've come to a class who can help me out!

You've got some really good ICT skills and you're lucky enough to have quite a few laptops to work on.

You can all work together in groups well and you have good ideas for projects. (I wasn't too keen on your stories though, I was a bit scared!)

I like Connor's ideas and Niamh's ideas on the wallwisher page, and the anonymous entry. It would be nice to go home with some of you guys for the night and the weekend and meet your families.

Niamh - we can post pictures of me on this blog page I've created and then the world can see them!

Keep thinking of your ideas please 7A. I'm very impressed so far, well done!

Love Buddy Bear.